Should My Child Play Travel 7v7 Football

NLG is a development program. We accept whoever wants to be great, and we try to instill the mental and physical tools that will steer them on the path to becoming great. Travel 7v7 is a competitive off-season component that requires a substantial time commitment and a relentless work ethic. By learning proper technique, performing thousands of reps, and competing against elite talent, players return to their high school program a better football player than what they were the previous season. Players that have the desire to become a great football player and parents that have the desire for their sons to become great football players should try out for NLG travel 7on7 program.

How many teams / players will NLG have?

18U – 4 Teams

NLG 3 – 18 Players

NLG 1 – 20 Players

NLG 2 – 20 Players

NLG 4 – 20 Players

15U – 2 Teams

NLG A – 24 Players

NLG B – 24 Players

13U – 2 Teams

NLG 13 – Up to 24 Players

NLG 12 – Up to 24 Players

How are the teams selected?

Athletes will tryout at 1 of the 2 NLG tryouts. A select number of athletes will make the roster based on their age division. Once on the roster, players will be evaluated at practices and training sessions for a spot on the respective teams.

Why are there two tryouts spread so far apart?

There are two tryouts: One October 13th and one December 1st. The purpose of doing 2 separate tryouts is to get information out to families that will participate in the lengthy off-season program. Our first tournament is Mid-January. It is a bit of a culture shock when a player gets on the team early December and is asked to make a payment a few weeks later. The October 13th tryout will not be vigorous, as players are in the middle of their seasons. The expectation is that new players will tryout on October 13th and returning players will tryout on December 1st. ALL PLAYERS MUST REGISTER AND ATTEND at least one of the tryouts.

How much does it cost?

NLG season fee varies per year. The season fee covers position training, practice, uniforms, tournament costs, transportation in vans or charter buses, lodging, and administrative costs. Players must cover their own travel expenses that requires flying. The team will provide transportation at the destination and lodging. Fees are subject to change. All fees are non-refundable. The cost for the 2019 Season was $3,000. The season fee is broken into 4 monthly payments.

What If I can’t afford the fees?

NLG will not turn down an athlete due to financial hardship. NLG works with local charities to help offset costs to those families. Please contact us regarding Financial Aid. All information will be held strictly confidential. Please note verification of income will be required.

What is the schedule for NLG 7v7?

Beginning in December, we will have position specific training on Friday nights and 7on7 practices on Sunday mornings/afternoons. The 1st Tournament is the last weekend in January. The last tournament is the National Championship in June. Tournaments will typically last an entire weekend Friday to Sunday night. When a college tour is included in the tournament weekend, we will typically leave on a Thursday night and visit colleges that Friday prior to the tournament. A letter from the college is sent to players to turn in to the high school. Many schools will excuse the absence if visiting colleges. Some do not excuse the absence.

How many colleges do you visit during a season?

The number of colleges that NLG will visit varies per year. The most we have visited in one 7on7 season was 36. The least amount that we have visited was 11.

My son plays QB. I did not see a registration option for 15U or 18U QB?

We are not taking any new QBs for the above mentioned age divisions. As previously stated, NLG is a development program. We cannot bring on 20 QBs. Last season the program finished #1 in the country, and every single QB that finished the season is invited an opportunity to stay in the program. The only way that we will add a QB for those divisions is if we have a player that decides not to play, or gets injured. In which case, we will pull a player from our training program.

QBs for the 13U division will have an extensive open tryout.

How is playing time determined?

Everyone will play during pool play. However, in elimination play, playing time is not guaranteed. The decision for playing time will be made by the coach of the team.

How far do you travel?

FAR! In 2019 we competed in Florida 5 times. In 2020 we will compete in Florida 4 times and we are targeting tournaments in Texas and Los Angeles.

What is included in the uniform?

Now that NLG is an officially sponsored Adidas team. Each player will receive a pair of cleats, a pair of gloves, training shoes, travel sweat suit, practice shorts/shirt and a tournament uniform. Each player will receive a soft shell helmet that must be worn at all times. Any player not in NLG Adidas apparel will not be allowed to participate for the day / weekend.

I play another sport, can I still play 7v7?

Yes. We encourage players to cross train and play multiple sports, especially during the early years of your athletic career. We will receive a copy of the schedule for the other sports, and try to teach the player to become an expert in time management.

Will playing 7v7 get me recruited?

NO! 7v7 alone is not enough for you to get recruited. 7v7 should be used as a tool to get reps and get better at your craft. Using the technique and improved skill at college camps and during your upcoming season, hopefully you perform well enough to get recruited.

What will get me recruited by colleges?

Highest GPA possible, have great film at your high school, be a great teammate, be a great leader, and do the right thing on and off the field.

Does NLG work with a recruiting service?

No. NLG does not work with any recruiting services. NLG has an in-house service that goes above and beyond the norm that is offered at an additional fee. This service is not promoted because if you do what you need to do in the classroom and on the field, you do not need to pay for recruiting help.

What makes NLG different than any other program?

We get more reps. We practice more. We play more games. We travel farther. We visit more colleges. We play the hardest schedule in the country. And most importantly we have more fun.

What if my high school coach does not want me to participate in NLG?

Simple. Let him know that you would be visiting roughly 20 colleges. Also let him know that you will perform roughly 10,000 reps of either throwing, catching or defending the pass against elite athletes all over the country. If he can provide an alternative method for you to obtain the same quantity of reps versus the same quality of competition, his way may be better.

What if I miss the tryout?

You will not be added to any of the teams at a later date. If you think for any reason you may miss the tryout, register for the 1st tryout. You will have another chance to attend if you miss the 1st tryout.

I live 2+ hours away, can I still do NLG?

In previous years, NLG has had players from as far north as Connecticut and as far south as Maryland. As long as you can attend the scheduled practices and tournaments, you can tryout to make one of the teams.