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 "The brotherhood in NLG is something very special that I've been able to cherish past high school. NLG brings out the best of the best so often you are playing against high school rivals. I never thought some of my rivals would become such close friends. Not only is it a brotherhood that i will have for life but it brings out the most competitive nature in me. Being apart of NLG gave me a bond with a group of guys I won't ever forget."

Lonnie Moore

Paul VI c/o '16, Monmouth University c/o '21

"NLG not only put me on the map & helped me with recruiting, but it gave me brothers & relationships that will last a life time. You always want to surround yourself with people that have the same goals & aspirations as you, & NLG helps you do that as everybody in the family is chasing the same goal .. to play & go to school for free at the next level."

Everett Wormley

Burlington Township c/o '17, Rutgers c/o 21

"From being a part of NLG I made bonds that wouldn’t have been possible but now will last my whole life with kids from all over the state. Hundreds of kids went from strangers to my brothers which is why NLG is most definitely a brotherhood."

Nick Kargman

Woodrow Wilson c/o 19, Western Michigan c/o 24

"Honestly NLG was one the best experiences I've ever had in my life Bc the bond I have with the team is irreplaceable. There is one goal and that's to get to go to college for free."

Daevon Robinson

Shawnee c/o 18, Rutgers University c/o 22

"Man, I feel like NLG gives everyone a common enemy, the grind . I️t brings together people who don't know anything about each other except for the fact that we all play football. It makes us all want to not only be great ourselves, but make our brothers great as well. Happy I came out , and I recommend I️t for every baller out there."

Dante Kiett

Eastern c/o '19, Monmouth university c/o 23

"NLG has brought me closer to guys that I would not have normally been around if I was to just play football seasonally. It has opened doors to me to meet new people and have the ability to look at some of the top schools in the country and say "oh yeah I know that guy he played with me at NLG". Some of the cross country bus rides, hotel stays and winning tournaments allow me to call these guys my boys for life. Won't ever forget my time with them and we will always have that special bond."

Kevin Doyle

St John's College (DC) c/o 18, University of Arizona c/o 23

"You should not fall asleep having any regret whether it be with football or in life. Make everyday a day to get 1% better."

Jaylen DeCoteau

St. Augustine Prep c/o 19, Kent State University c/o 23

"The way NLG players come together as one was really crazy.. my first time going to a tournament and a practice I was surprised how everyone was focused on playing together and winning it didn't matter what high school they went to or where they was from. They made Everyone feel welcomed and wasn't no one bigger than the next man, When we go against other players and teams from other states the way we cheer each other on to make big plays and celebrate and at the same time hold people accountable with little things with getting up on time, catching the ball and just doing the right job and I realized when we held each other accountable and played as one we won more than trying to play individual no matter how many reporters and scouts are out there watching. The standard was set from the older guys all the way down to the younger ones when I was just a freshman to the team I felt the leadership of the team from the older guys and the energy of how they played they brought a lot of juice to the tournaments." 

Travon King

Woodrow Wilson c/o 18, Temple University c/o 23

"Even only doing NLG one year, the connection happened quick with everyone. Competing every weekend against all different types of talent in the U.S., and then being able to have fun after, if it was either going to the beach or walking around the cities we went to, just joking with the guys in general. It was all formed quickly. And the best part with everything was winning almost every game and grinding all for the same goal... To get that full ride- free education and playing at a high level."

Diego Martinez

St Joe's Hammonton c/o 18, University of Memphis c/o 23

"You'll build a brotherhood for a life time you'll never expect just through football, even people from rival teams."

Jayvin Little

Timber Creek c/o 19, Wagner c/o 23

"It was a great experience, I made some lifetime friends & coaches who I consider mentors."

Kelvin Harmon

Palmyra c/o '16, NC State, Washington Redskins

"We all have the same goal , win championships and go to school for free. And show jersey got ballers."

Jamal Parker

Camden Catholic c/o '16, Kent State University c/o '20